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I've been hearing and reading a lot about abortion lately. And not even intentionally. The subject seems to be popular right now. I usually keep my opinion to myself because for the most part this doesn't effect me.

Whenever the topic of abortion has come close to home I've said my piece. And I can tell you there are two little boys out there whose mothers got an earfull from me.

My opinion is that abortion is murder. Worse yet it's murder by the creator of the life. I think the morning after pill is the best thing to happen for babies in a long time. Push it out before it's a life toots.

Partial birth abortion is the nastiest, cruelest thing I can think of. Induce labor and kill the baby while it's in the birth canal. It is beyond me how people can do this. The doctors, the's sickening.

I have no idea why this issue has become part of feminism. It's the women's body? I don't think so. The woman has created another body inside. Why the fuck don't fetus's have rights? Dogs have rights, why not a tiny human? If someone puts their dog outside and doesn't feed it the animal crew would show up within a week. Yet it's okay to go in and have your baby murdered. And in good conscience?

I knew a lady who was mentally ill and slow. She'd had 10 live babies, and three abortions. She didn't raise any of her babies because she was incapable. Do I think she should have aborted the three, or even more? Fuck no. She should have been sterilized after the first couple/few pregnancies.

I knew a drug addicted lady with a similar situation. She had sets of kids. Every few years she'd have a kid or two. They'd get taken from her by the time they were three. Another candidate for sterilization.

If sterilization is too over the top then women who have proven they can't take care of their children should have there parental rights taken away for all current and FUTURE children.

I've heard talk of the government pushing abstinence. Thats funny. They might as well push the Atkin's diet for all the good it'll do. People fuck, we've been doing since we had penii and vaginas. They need to push birth control. Instead of paying millions for don't fuck commercials start a few programs for free or reduced condoms and other birth control methods. If you don't want so many young mothers give young girls some pills or shots of Depo. Depo got me through my late teens.
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